Friday, November 03, 2006

L-com Connectivity Products' Master Catalogs

L-com Connectivity Products Catalog (
L-com 2006 Master Catalog 2.0
Many customers have told us that our catalog is one of the best reasons to do business with L-com. Not only does it contain high-resolution, full color photographs of our products for easy identification, but it also contains over 90 tips, tutorials, diagrams, a helpful connector chart, and general connectivity information. The best part: its free!

Tip: How to Panel Mount a Gender ChangerIf you are an electrical engineer, IT professional, or otherwise involved in electrical connections, you should get this catalog just to have it. It makes a fine reference book and helps you to explain complicated connectivity subjects to people outside your department.

You can request a print catalog from L-com Connectivity Products, or you can also download .pdf file versions of the catalog. In October, L-com came out with it's second master catalog of 2006, which included quick RoHS compliant symbols to help isolate compliant parts. We're not stopping there, and hope to have another updated catalog out early in 2007.

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