Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Weatherproof Enclosures for All Types of Weather

Applications for Weatherproof Enclosures

(blogger@L-com.com) Diagram of a PoE Powered Weatherproof Enclosure

When we talk about weatherproof enclosures, we really mean weatherproof. Not just a simple plastic box to keep out the occasional light rain, but heavy duty boxes, many of them NEMA rated, designed for one purpose: provide extreme protection for the sensitive electronic equipment that you must install outdoors.

Extreme protection involves many things: protection from dust, dirt, grease, and oil; protection from water, either light sprinklings or outright downpours; protection from theft and tampering when installed in an unsecure location; and protection from unusual heat and sub-zero cold. While there are a huge variety of weatherproof enclosures out there, the biggest challenge of installing electronics outdoors is temperature fluctuation.