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I hadn't written a blog entry in so long, but we've been cooking up lots of events here at L-com. The web site is now updated with all sorts of enhancements. The first that you'll notice is the image on our home page is now a rotating gif and is clickable. Clicking on the item family that you see will bring you to a page where you can browse that kind of item.

In searches, you will notice that the page numbers are listed rather than just a "next" and "previous" button, as we had before. This will let you flip through our huge connectivity product listings more easily. We've also updated the search engine on our site to be a little more intuitive.

You may notice that on the left-hand side of our pages the navigation has changed slightly. We now list "Shop By Type" above "Shop By Category", and we've included a link to Overstock and Sale Items.

The biggest changes, though, are when you place an order online. We want the process of shopping online to be as convenient as calling or faxing orders to us.

First, when you add a cable, connector, adapter, or other connectivity product to your cart, you won't be sent to the cart page and have to back up if you want to add more items. Instead, you'll get a message that your cart has been updated and you'll stay where you are until you've finished shopping. You may see the cart icon at the top of the page blink red when there's something in it just to remind you that its there.

When you check out, if you are a new user, you won't need to enter your password up front. We'll let you go through the whole process first. You will have to put in a user name and password at the end, but we won't make you re-type all your information. We'll take it from your billing address. Speaking of the billing address, if you want to copy that to the shipping, you can easily do that now, no need to manually type it in.

Is that it? No, there's lots of other little enhancements all over the site. Check it out! Explore the whole line of products, check out the free technical information, and be sure to let us know if you have suggestions or ideas! We maintain our website for you, after all, to make shopping easier for you and more convenient.

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