Monday, December 04, 2006

KVM Switches That Allow Multiple Monitors

AdderView Multiscreen Reverse KVM Switches (

KVM switches are a constant fascinations of our customers, it seems. They are both functional and empowering, allowing a user at a single workstation (consisting of a single monitor, mouse, and keyboard) to control several, independent computers. In some cases, users can control hundreds of computers this way without having them networked together.

But what happens when you want to share computers among several monitors? For instance, you could have different computers processing separate reports and want to monitor them at the same time.

AdderView has just such a switch that L-com resells for them. The Multiscreen KVMs allow up to 4 monitors to connect to two or four computers. Then, with a single keyboard and mouse to control them all, you can cycle through the active computers and look at each on a separate screen. The units allow hotkey switching, but also have the options of RS232 data commands or a remote controller. Need more monitors and computers? You can uplink several of these units using a "Smartview cable".

Of course, it's a little geeky in some situations, but don't you have any geeks on your Christmas list?

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