Friday, December 01, 2006

L-com's new factory in SuZhou, China

L-com Opens a New Factory Overseas (

We were excited to read in Connector Specifier that Bel Fuse (who makes the Stewart brand modular connectors that we sell) had opened a massive factory in China. We don't have anything near that size, but we're pretty proud of our own new addition, which we announced just a few days before Connector Specifier ran Bel Fuse's announcement.

Of course, we make different sorts of products than Bel Fuse, too. We expect our factory to make cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, and more, saving you money and, hopefully, time. We're also looking forward to being better able to create innovative new products now that we have more full control over some of our overseas manufacturing.

Yes, we've always had control of our domestic manufacturing. As we mentioned when we talked about our domestic and overseas custom manufacturing capabilities, we have our own factory here in North Andover, Massachusetts. And that isn't changing at all. This is just the first time we've wholly owned a factory outside of the US.

So, though humbled by Bel Fuse's 15 acre plant, we're still very proud of our own facility and our industry-famous flexibility and capabilities. And we're always proud to serve you!

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