Wednesday, November 29, 2006

L-com's Coaxial Connector Adapters and Couplers

Coax Adapters and Couplers from L-com Connectivity Products (

I saw the announcement in ECN magazine's website about Bomar Interconnect Products' new coaxial adapter, and I thought this might be a good opportunity to explain what coax adapters are.

L-com carries a wide range of coax adapters and couplers, as part of our main coaxial product line. We separate out within series coax couplers, which have the same type of connector on both sides, from interseries coax couplers, which have a different connector type on either side. We also separate out right angle and coax T adapters and bulkhead style within series adapters.

The bulkhead within series adapters are some of our most popular. The term "bulkhead" refers to the ability to mount these couplers on a panel or faceplate, so they are very useful when setting up installations in a building or making custom rack panels in a wiring closet.

The interseries coaxial adapters are also popular. They allow you to connect two dissimilar cables together. For instance, if you have an antenna with an SMA connector on it, and you're trying to extend it using a cable with TNC connectors, you'd need an SMA to TNC adapter to make the switch.

There are a lot of coax adapters available on our web page, and sometimes it gets tricky to find what you need. In that case, use our Adapter Wizard feature! It walks you through choosing the features on the adapter that you need and even has pictures for easy identification.

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