Monday, November 27, 2006

Shielded Category 6 Rated Ethernet Cables

Shielded Modular Cables (STP) with Cat 6 Rating (

For a long time we were getting requests for Category 6 rated cable assemblies that were shielded. The problem: we couldn't find anyone who carried the bulk cable we would need to make the assemblies. That changed last year, and we've been pleased to offer two varieties of shielded cat6 cables in multiple lengths since then.

The first variety, our TRD695SCR series, has a PVC jacket. They are fully shielded (100% foil) with 26 AWG twisted pairs that conform to Category 6 standards, capable of carrying speeds of up to 1000 Mbps (mega-bits per second). These cables are ideal for Gigabit speed transmission.

The second variety, our TRD695SZ series, is the same as above except it has an LSZH jacket. LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) is specially formulated to have very little smoke if the cable burns, and the smoke does not have toxic halogens that PVC releases. These are ideal in situations where people might not be able to easily get out in the case of a fire, like submarines, airplanes, elevators, and very tall buildings.

The shielding on these cables helps prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) from riding along the conductors and causing "noise" at the end of the cable run. This is especially important in some environments where there is a lot of noise around, such as near high-frequency electrical equipment, antennas, and power lines. Excessive noise on a line can slow down transmission or completely drop connectivity in some situations.

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