Friday, November 17, 2006

Waterproof, IP67, Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Components

Weatherproof cables, connectors, and couplers that can resist the elements (

Connectivity products aren't just for the office any more! More and more companies are developing products for use outdoors, including transportation products, GPS systems, outdoor computers, and ports on the outside of buildings for connecting laptops or peripheral devices. The problem is that electronics don't mix well with the elements, and outdoor-rated connectors and components are more and more in demand.

L-com carries a significant waterproof and IP67 rated product offering. Most of these are IP67 rated connectors, but there are also some completed cables (including Ethernet cables and USB cables). In addition, there are waterproofing grommets that can fit on a cable (before it is terminated), connector covers, and even an outdoor rated enclosure.

These kind of products are affordable and stocked domestically, so they're relatively easy to obtain and use.

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