Friday, November 10, 2006

Panel-mount RJ45 couplers - L-com's ECF504-SC5E

Flange-style bulkhead Ethernet adapter (

One of L-com's Top 10 Adapter products is a popular flange-mount Ethernet coupler that is both shielded and Category 5e rated. It uses screws to hold it in place, and is therefore a little more secure than other panel-mount adapter styles.

It has the same connector on the front as it does on the back: female RJ45 8x8 connector. However, L-com also carries an RJ45 female to 110 Punch Down IDC adapter with the flange as well. Both of these items are tremendously popular, so L-com stocks them in the thousands to keep ahead of demand.

The shielding on the flange makes contact to ground through the screws, so make sure you install this in a metallic chassis or panel if you plan to use shielded Ethernet cables.

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