Tuesday, January 16, 2007

HDMI Cables - Emerging Video Cable Standard

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With a growing number of HDMI adopters, it's looking like HDMI may emerge as the reigning king of digital video connection types, at least in the consumer electronics side of things. But it joins a huge market of video standards, including HD15 SVGA connectors, DVI c
onnectors, S-Video (SVHS) connectors, RCA connectors for composite or component video, SCART connectors, and coax connectors like BNC or F type connectors for RF video. And the game isn't over yet, new video standards are still emerging so who knows what we will be using a year from now?

HDMI has a lot of advantages that make it preferable to other video types. It is digital, allowing the pixel-perfect video that is preferred over analog video by many a/v enthusiasts. It is small and easy to connect, and it can carry audio as well as video, a huge plus over most other video connector types. Early on, HDMI ran into the 5 meter length limitation of digital video, but improvements in cable technology have lead to longer versions of HDMI cables hitting the market.

Look for a host of new HDMI components to come out over the next year or so. HDMI cables will probably be joined by HDMI couplers, adapters, rack panels, and active equipment like HDMI extenders. As the standard gains in public acceptance, it will also make components that use the standard easier to roll out for smaller manufacturers.

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