Monday, January 22, 2007

Industrial Rated Networking Equipment

IP67 and Harsh Environment Rated Active Networking Equipment (

The benefits of connectivity are everywhere, nowadays. This includes factories, controlled environments, and even the outdoors. But the equipment needed to set up and maintain a network is often sensitive to dust, water, temperatures, changes in voltage, etc. So in these situations, you need an industrial rated Ethernet device.

The most common Ethernet networking devices that need to be protected from the harsh environment are Ethernet routers and Ethernet switches. Hirschmann and GarrettCom are two manufacturers that provide excellent quality industrial rated products, though there are many on the market.

In addition to switches and routers, you may need media converters, cables, and peripheral devices like IP cameras. You may also want to consider getting a IP67 rated enclosure, or using sealing grommets to allow cables to go between harsh environments and office environments without letting the elements seep in.

If you have very specific requirements for your active device, let L-com know! We may be able to contact our many manufacturing partners and find a device that fits your needs.

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